FEM EMEA Global Mobility Summit

Will have the pleasure to meet you on 9 November 13.30, at the FEM Global in London.

Immigration Law Associates organises a roundtable on Intra-EU mobility-legal interoperability

The subject in discussion is mobility in a wide sense ((i.e. employees who move for the purpose of work in a country other than that of which they are usually resident).

Practically, about law interoperability: how HR and Comp &Ben specialists can enforce the rather laborious interoperability between the EU law and national legislations, in order to improve business efficiency.

The roundtable will not add to any academic debate, but will initiate a discussion:

  1. Facts
  2. Legal context
  3. Analysis
  4. Solutions

45 minutes might be not enough to respond all your questions. Preliminary and/or further questions can be addressed to Tanel Feldman ( info@euimmigrationlaw.com).

Summarising the summary:

  • Law interoperability is not about law but about business efficiency.
  • Law in modernity is another technology” (Carl Schmitt)


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